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We are located just west of Fort Worth, on what we call our mini-farm, shared with 4 large farm dogs, an 8 lb. indoor dog, a couple of Arabian horses, several barn cats, and a small flock of high quality German New Hampshire chickens.

Now, some fun with the Bengal Cat ...

We purchased, sold, and bred beautiful Arabian horses for many years, and so we know all about 'type', combined with 'beauty', combined with 'temperament' as the overall basis of an excellent breeding program.  With the combination of those three elements, we are striving for the same elements in our new adventure with Bengal Cats!!

Not quite sure of how the Bengal kitten changes in type, markings, size, etc. from the early baby stage, we decided to take the plunge and enter into Phase I of our Bengal program by buying an entire litter of four kittens from Toskhadots Bengals (in order to have our pick of the litter without interference of other prospective buyers)!!! This was a huge commitment, but after nearly 6 months of research and Internet Bengal shopping, we knew we wanted to go back to Toskhadots and make an offer on their whole litter (before they posted pics and started advertising)!!  This wasn't just any litter ... we had looked at picture after picture of prior kittens born to 'Flare' and 'Kholibrie' (the Bengals referenced on our home page), and they were everything we wanted to start our program out right.

We anticipate keeping one of the males from this litter, to serve as our foundation stud.  Phase II of our Bengal program is in the making, and we won't disclose that secret just yet, but it's going to be exciting as well!!

DipNDots Bengals
Fort Worth, Texas
Descendants of the Asian Leopard Cat (crossed with American Shorthairs), the domestic Bengal Cat is rich in color, extremely intelligent, and not your typical lap cat!  

We  insure that all of our kittens at
DipNDots Bengals
are well socialized before leaving our home.

Our Grandson with - 
Toskhadots Casimir of DipNDots

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