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Kittens Born June 20, 2016

Koppiekatz Kholibrie of Toskhadots x
​Sunstorm Perfect Kiss of Toskhadots

(this is an outstanding litter of kittens, and I am excited to be the marketing agent on this litter)

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"Girl #1" has fantastic head type, and a beautiful contrasting color pattern. She's very playful and likes everyone!!

She would be a good addition to any breeding program and/or a wonderful show cat.

"Boy #1"  - SOLD!!

"Girl #2" is an outstanding kitten, with a bold pattern, beautiful head type, and an outgoing personality.

She could easily be your next show champion!!!

"Boy #2" is one of the most outgoing and playful kittens, and the has a color pattern and head type to be a future stud prospect.

"Girl #3" has incredible color!!!  Very distinguished rosettes, and a very light base/background!  She's gorgeous, and one of our pricier kittens (needless to say)!!

"Boy #3" is yet another gorgeous kitten, with excellent pattern, and an awesome profile!

This kitten could is worthy of a show or breeding career, or just to enjoy as a happy lap cat!!

"Girl #4" - SOLD!!